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Collective Fallout is a literary magazine dedicated to queer-themed sci-fi, fantasy, horror, mystery and other speculative short fiction and poetry. It is a print journal, published twice a year.
The Collective Fallout blog is where readers will find editorial content, and is where readers are encouraged to comment on and reply to the print journal.
We welcome submissions for our second issue.

Friday, July 4, 2008

From the Editors

To our readers and writers:

We hope what you find here opens your minds and makes you think about what queer literature means to our culture. It is not just entertainment. It is a teacher and a tool. It is a statement of past, present, and future.

We look forward to reading your submissions.


Anonymous said...

What is queer literature? Idiomatically? Literally? Or is that the point?

Collective Fallout said...

For the purposes of this journal, "queer literature" is that which concerns the lives of queer persons--literature with gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and similar content. We understand that this is not the only definition of "queer," but we felt use of the word was the best way to be inclusive of all sexually-non-normative personalities.

Ethan Thomas said...

Our of curiosity, is this a paying market?

Ethan Thomas, Editor
Thaneros Online Magazine

Collective Fallout said...

This is not a paying market. Contributors will recieve one copy of the issue in which they have been published.

Anonymous said...

When can people expect to hear back about their submissions?

Collective Fallout said...

We try to keep our response time to under two months, but could take as long as four.

...Gray... said...

Today is Nov 20 and I just cam across this site. I was wondering if you were still active and receiving submissions by Dec 1?

...Gray... said...

Are you still open for biz and accepting subs?

Collective Fallout said...

We are still accepting submissions, yes.